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Financial Comfort During Quarantine

The following is an open letter from Bob B. to the potential future clients
of William Rothrock:

I was 18 years into my general practice when I learned that plaintiff’s
lawyers could structure their attorney’s fees on a personal injury
contingency case.

Historically, I had set up secured accounts for minors’ settlements. I
counseled clients to seek financial guidance on their proceeds but it was not
until I met Bill Rothrock that I was educated about structured settlements
for attorneys. They provided insight as to the manner and implications of the

My CPA of twenty years confirmed everything Bill Rothrock told me and
subsequently I was able to save close to six figures of income tax; able to
defer income with a guaranteed return rate; and guarantee an income
stream during quarantine.

So, while my practice itself like other attorneys are struggling to make the
phone ring and collect on accounts receivables during 2020, my head hits
the pillow knowing I have income for 2020 and beyond based upon the
structured settlement advice and assistance from Bill Rothrock. Had I
adhered to the time honored ‘bird in hand’ thought process of taking all the
money upfront, the IRS would be benefiting from more of my money while I
check the mailbox for a paltry stimulus check and PPP lifelines loans.
Conversely, my structuring of settlement proceeds allows me to generate
guaranteed income for 2020 and years after. Thus, after two decades of
dispensing advice, I learned to heed advice from Bill Rothrock which
provides me financial comfort during COVID.

Bob B., Esquire

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