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At Rothrock Settlement Consulting, we strongly believe in the value of structured settlements as a tax and financial planning tool. Financial planning benefits personal injury plaintiffs, and their attorneys, long into the future. By delaying some financial rewards, you ensure your client is financially secure for years to come, while receiving some benefits for your firm as well.

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No other profession can utilize the retirement benefits derived from the use of a structured settlement. Unlimited ability to defer income into the retirement years regardless of firm size or complexity. A simple deferral of 10% on each case settlement, minimally reduces immediate cash flow, while establishing a guaranteed retirement base for your future.

Prevent Bankruptcy

It is a sad truth that 90 percent of plaintiffs who win big settlements face bankruptcy in ten years or less. If your client chooses a structured settlement, they will have guaranteed income for years to come. Attorneys who recommend structured settlements also benefit from the reputation for having their clients’ best interest in mind.

Manage Your Taxes

We help manage your firm’s finances through its’ inherent ups and downs, by creating long-term guaranteed income. Structured settlements help manage your firm’s tax liability in more profitable years, and keep the bills paid in leaner years.

The Grillo Waiver

Structured settlements are so helpful to plaintiffs that lawyers can get into serious legal trouble if they don’t recommend them. If the client insists on taking your settlement as a lump sum, we recommend having the client sign a Grillo Waver, which prevents them from suing you if they file for bankruptcy.

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